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WE PUBLISH BOOKS ON GLASS! Do you have a book you want published? See some of our recently published books HERE

OUR AMAZON STORE Books on glass and other topics for sale Listed HERE put the word ‘glass’ or other topic in the search field, for example, for titles you may be looking for.

We have a couple of other interesting blogs here:

ANTIQUE SECRETS: HERE is a fun blog where antique “pickers” can get free ideas and tips on collecting and picking for antiques and collectibles. American and other pickers can leave their own posts that give ideas and tell stories and show photos of their favorite finds! It’s fun to be an antique picker!

CRYSTAL COLLECTING: HERE is a great place for mineral collectors, crystal collectors and rockhounds to leave a record of their field trips, review shows, and dealers, and show photos of their favorite finds. You can find maps here, and leave treasure maps of your favorite collecting places! FUN SITE!

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